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Welcome to Ze-VO Products Group.

ZPG manufactures, markets and sells a variety of revolutionary paint related products for the construction trade. Our products are all environmentally friendly and contain either trace amounts or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

We have studied the construction market in detail and developed products that were sorely needed to enhance productivity on the job site while at the same time benefiting the environment. As most everyone knows, sealing the ends of lumber is critical to maintaining the integrity of the substrate as well as your lumber warranty*. However, because there has been no easy way to seal the ends of lumber prior to the introduction of EndCuts™ & DeckCuts™, more times than not, sealing the end was not done.

Swipe. Seal. Done.


EndCuts  DeckCuts  
WOW!! PLUS  Metal Wizard
Now Available for Purchase Online!

To view product demos or to make a purchase, go to products page and click on a PRODUCT DEMO or BUY NOW!

Revolutionary Coatings for the Construction Trade and the DIY market—designed to prime the end cuts of lumber and decking material... and helping preserve wood warranties. Our latest product, WOW!! PLUS is perfect for spot priming all sorts of areas inside your home.

All of our products are environmentally friendly and contain either trace amounts or zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in keeping with our commitment to developing products for a cleaner planet.

NOW, there are no excuses… it is as simple as Swipe. Seal. Done.™ Please fee free to spend some time on our site to learn about our exciting new products as well as how you can be “Socially Responsible” by using the right building products for your next project. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our products or if you are interested in becoming a distributor. (*Check specific details of your warranty.)


Featured Products

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The Safer Way
to Paint.
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The PumpkinHead™ Brush
The First & Only Disposable
100% Foam Paint Brush!

• Ultra Lightweight
• Comfort-grip
• Soft yet Sturdy
• Available in 4 Sizes
• Sold alone or in Multi-packs!

Featured on QVC! The Paint Rescue Kit from Ze-VO. The interior touch-up system for walls, doors, and woodwork.

  • Touch up your everyday dings! From furniture wall scrapes, to smudges and scratches from pets and kids

  • No more gallons of paint, rollers, drop cloths, brushes or pans

  • In a snap–perform fast and easy touch-ups before your guests arrive

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